An immersive environment full of opportunities

Discover, interact and win prizes through virtual experiences with brands and festival attendees.

· What are the Hubs? ·

Meeting points to connect (regardless of where you are) with people and opportunities that might interest you.

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Each one of the Hubs will encourage you to enter a different interactive experience not only have fun, but also to be able to win Sonders and exchange them for prizes.

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The more you participate and interact during the festival, the more Sonders you will accumulate. Visit the Prize Planet to get all kinds of prizes thanks to the brands that support us.

— These are the official points of the event. Once you have acquired the ticket we will explain how to get them. We reward interaction and participation among attendees. You will be surprised!


Pure pasion

— Authenticity does not understand limits, so if you want to find or develop your passion, in this space you can enjoy moments of inspiration and connection with our partner brands.

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Lead your future

— Enjoy different brands where great professionals will help you discover everything you are capable of doing.